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Power Station

Power Station Power station is an electrical generating station. The energy efficiency of a power station is usually called thermal efficiency and may be defined as the electrical energy leaving the station divided by the fuel energy entering the station. It is essentially a measure of the overall fuel conversion efficiency for the electricity generation process.

The types of power station includes:
  • Wind Power Station - The station which uses wind to drive a turbine which creates electricity.
  • Waste Fed Power Station - The station that functions with refuse-derived fuel.
  • Solar Power Station - The station which uses solar energy to drive a turbine.
Helical gears - Are used to minimise noise and power losses.

Bevel gears - Used to change the axis of rotational motion.

Spur gears - Passes power from idler gears to the wheels.

Planetary gears - Used between internal combustion engine and an electric motor to transmit power.