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Gear Maintenance

Gears are mechanical machines to transmit motion or change the speed. For proper working of all machines, they should be inspected regularly for wear and tear of the parts and other errors in the machine. It is important to maintain the machine parts carefully to avoid accidents or damage to machine parts.

Proactive maintenance of mechanical drives and gears improves process efficiency and productivity. It is possible to prevent deficiencies in power transmission with proactive maintenance solutions before the damage occurs. This improves process reliability and reduces the amount of costly downtime. This will minimize the replacement cost.

Gears should be regularly monitored and analyzed. They should be lubricated well with the gear oil. Applying grease to it can also protect them. Oils and grease protects them from rust and corrosion. They also give them chemical and thermal stability, thus enhancing the life of a gear. There should be a visual check of all the internal parts of the gearbox. This gives a versatile report on the condition of the internal parts and on the need for repairs or spare parts. Accordingly, the parts should be replaced if damaged.

For more efficient working of gears they should be regularly cleaned. They can be cleaned by various washing liquids like atsko sport wash, camsuds downe suds, mc nett thunder down, etc. depending on the need of the gearbox. Regular cleaning of the gear removes contaminants and maintains gear performance integrity. This also extends the useful life of the gear and delay scheduled purchases.

The chain of the machine should be checked and if the elongation of chain is in excess, it should be replaced. Sprockets should be realigned if there is misalignment due to wear on inner surface on the roller link sidebars and on sides of sprocket teeth. If the machine is making excess of noise, then the chain and sprocket should be lubricated well and the alignment should be checked. Adequate cover should be provided around the drive for environmental material.

Safety must be considered a basic factor in machinery operation at all times. Most accidents are the results of carelessness or negligence. All rotating power transmission products are potentially dangerous and must be guarded by good safety practice. When not in used, the motor driving the part or components should be electrically locked out.