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Gears are mostly used in various machines and industries. With the moving wheel of science and technology the use of gears have become more common in all the upcoming industries. They form an essential part in running of machines and vehicles. There are a number of different types of gears used in different industries depending upon their properties and usage. They can be classified under automotive gears, mining gears, wind turbines, bicycle gears, mill heads, instrumentation gears, conveyor system, marine gears etc.

Gears are used for two basic purposes; increase or decrease of rotation speed and increase or decrease of power or torque. Torque is a measure of a force to produce torsion and rotation about an axis. To increase speed and reduce torque a large drive gear is coupled to a smaller driven gear. To reduce speed and increase torque a small Lego gear turning a larger gear is used. They are also used for enhancement for positioning systems.