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Gearbox Housings

Gearbox Housings The gearbox housing is a non-rotating member of the gearbox. It is the center part of the gearbox, to fix all the components like bearings, flanges, shafts and spiral bevel gears. The base to fit the gears with a defined tooth bearing and backlash are the angle of the housing and the offset of axis of the holes. This guarantees the optimum running of the gears and quality of transmission.

Gearbox housings are generally made from plastic called nylon. The heat is normally dissipated by radiation through the gearbox housing surfaces and through convection to the surrounding air, surrounding structures and components. There is a bearing pocket in the gearbox housing. An additional bearing is inserted into it that centers the shaft ensuring proper alignment and a permanent seal. The gearbox housing alignment should be inspected well at periodic intervals. The housing has a paper-like gasket.

Possible applications of housing are aerospace transmission, motor sport transmission and several others. Gearbox housings are used in robots, and electric motors. It is also used in solar gas turbine engine. The gearbox housing in the engine forms an integral wet oil sump, in which an engine driven oil pump resides.