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Combination Drives

Combination Drives Combination drive is an arrangement where a right angle gear drive is connected to the horizontal power source, providing a stand over the gear drive for mounting the vertical power source.

Combination drives are easiest to use, simplest to understand and provide high performance. They are widely used in computer industry to play and burn CDs and play DVDs. They deliver the function of two drives for a low price. They help to store move and share large amounts of data on CDs with the similar ease and convenience. They save both time and money. These drives are an asset to the mobile PC users.

Combination drive is installed with a vertical electric motor top-mounted for constant service. When there is power failure, the drive is simply converted for engine or turbine operation by lowering the integral sliding clutch into drive position. These drives are furnished with solid or hollow shafts. The electric motor is mounted on the motor stand. Two screws hold the sliding clutch in the specified position. The pin is dropped below the screw and the screw tightened. A sealed ball bearing is provided to prevent run-out in the top shaft. During pump operation, the motor stand guard should be there.

Two top shafts are required with a screw coupling located below the drive and above the packing gland of the pump. One shaft is long and extends through the gear drive to the top of the motor and the other shaft is shorter used as a substitute when the electric motor is damaged or removed for repair.