Combination Chains (C55/C55L/C60/C77/C188/C131/C102B/C102/C111/C110/C132)

Combination Chains used extensively in the cement.paper and pulp, quarrying, and mining industries for elevating and conveying a multitude of abrasive and non-abrasive materials.Additionally it is acquiring many uses generally commercial assembly conveyors. It is not suggested for drive chain.The construction of our Combination Chain could be either cottered or riveted. Cottered is generally considered regular. Pins have smooth areas at their ends, which lock into the properly punched sidebars, stopping pin rotation during chain procedure.
All pin holes are clean-cored for soft bearing surfaces and are dimensioned for proper pin clearance. Sector dimensional specifications are rigidly managed and this chain may be interchanged with links of additional manufacturers. Pitch sizes range from 1.631 to 6.050 inches; tensile power range ex1ends from 12,150 to 67,500 pounds.
All the factory’s Combination block links except C55 and C55L have elliptical barrels. This provides extra metal where the sprocket to chain get in touch with causes the majority of chain wear.
Attachments can be found in many of the pitch sizes for an array of applications.
Combination links are symmetrical and could therefore become operated in either direction of travel. Brutaloy and cast metal sprockets can be found for each pitch size.
Our Drive Chain Promal (Duramal) chains have temperature treated pins with Promal (Duramal) prevent links. Extremely Promal ( Duramal) chains have temperature treated pins and sidebars with Promal ( Duramal) block links.Chains are also available with block links of the hard Promal (Duramal).


The CRATE CONVEYOR CHAIN is constructed in malleable iron with generous wearing Stainless Steel Chain surfaces and the steel connecting pins are riveted flush with the side bars to enable the chain to slide freely in 2.5″channel guides . the chains are designed to flex sideways round a 3′ -o· minimal recommended radius. Although a 1′ -9″ radius could be negotiated.the best chain life will be achieved by employing the largest possible radius . They’ll operate in both horizontal and inclined planes and are generally employed in double strand.being used principally for managing instances of bottles and individual large cans or containers and crates.
Manufactured in HZPT CHAINS, with a tensile power range between 6,000to 15,000 pounds, CC CLASS CRATE CONVEYOR CHAINS is carefully cored for pitch precision with even bearing areas that reduce •break-in” wear causing pitch elongation.
CRATE CONVEYOR CHAINS comes in a pitch range of 2.5 to 4.00 inches with a complete assortment of Brutaloy or cast steel sprockets.
As a drive chain, CC Class Pintle is made to travel in direction of the barrel end of the links;as an elevating or conveying chain, its path of travel ought to be toward the open up ends of the links.
All CC Course CRATE CONVEYOR CHAIN is produced according to manufacturer’s standards and is completely interchangeable.


CASTING DETACHABLE CHAINS is the first malleable iron chain to be used extensively intended for industry-wide applications. It really is a light-weight, low cost chain obtainable in a full selection of sizes and can be used in a wide selection of applications where light and medium loads are carried at sluggish or intermediate speeds in relatively clean atmospheres. Constructed of one-piece, interconnecting links, Detachable Chain is easy to assemble and also to disassemble. Individual links are inserted in one part, at the correct position, as illustrated. When fully inserted, the link is Transmission Chain reduced to the same plane as all of those other chain and turns into an interlock chain segment until it is again elevated to the correct angle and detached.
Where simply no take-up comes in a chain application, correctly pitched coupler links, attached in pairs with pin and cotter, can be utilized to join ends right into a continuous chain with at the least slack.
Detachable Chain operates with the closed part of the hook riding following to the sprocket wheel. For drive applications, the direction of travel is in the direction of the hook; for conveyorand elevator applications, the path of travel is in the direction of the end bar.
The Detachable chain is produced inside our cast of malleable iron or Promal (Duramal). Tensile strengths of Promal links range from 880 to 21,250 pounds. Two link designs are also available: Style •A” has a ordinary hook and fulfills standard services requirements; Style “B” includes a ribbed hook more suitable for heavy-duty services. All Detachable links are precision designed to regular chain industry specifications and so are interchangeable with other manufacturers’ chain links.
The pitch selection of our Detachable Chain, 0.902 to 4.063 inches, satisfies a multitude of detachable applications. A complete selection of attachment designs emerges. Brutaloy or cast steel sprockets are available for each detachable pitch size.
Detachable Chain are links cast of malleable iron or Promal (Duramal). It is furnished with carbon metal warmth treated pins and carbon metal case hardened bushings as standard. However, stainless pins and bushings could be provided when specific.

“H” CLASS Refuse Drag Chains (H102/H104/H110/H112/H116/H120/H480)

“H” CLASS Refuse Drag Chains can be used for conveying sawdust,wooden chips, pulp, garbage, tankage, ashes, and other abrasive spend through either wooden or steel troughs. Due to its large, wide opening area, “H” CLASS Refuse Drag Chain provides sizeable having capacity when managed at moderate speeds.
The front face of each barrel is flat, providing a broad area to push material along the trough and to keep the chaim from riding over the top of the material. The rounded inner aspect of the barrel is carefully shaped to create excellent sprocket get in touch with. Sidebars are reinforced with Drive Chain putting on shoes which provide both
additional wearing surface and stiffening for the link. A vertical member on each sidebar assures added link rigidity and shields the pin from harm.
“H”CLASS Refuse Drag Chain comes in EVRT-POWER Promal or Duramal with a tensile strength range of 36,400 to 52,000 pounds. This rugged working chain comes in a pitch range of 5.000 to 8.000 inches. Each link is produced in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and may be interchanged with links made by other chain producers. “H”CLASS Refuse Drag Chain is available in riveted construction just. Grease chambers, cored into each link’s barrel, keep grease which lubricates pins.
Wide faced sprockets, either of machined or cast steel, are recommended for”H” course Refuse Drag Chain operation. Links should be run in direction of the closed barrel.


“EVER-POWER” Transfer Chain comes in two types: “H” Class Transfer Chain and Combination Transfer Chain. “H” Class Transfer Chain includes those numbered H78A, H78B, H130,H131, and H138. All “H” Class Transfer Chain is available only in riveted Transmission Chain building. “H” Class Transfer Chain numbered H 78A, H 130,and H 131 is manufactured with peaked roofs. Chain numbered H 138 and H 78B has flat roofs.
Combination Transfer Chain includes those numbered C55A, C55B, and C55D. It really is available just in riveted construction with peaked roofs.
Both types of EVER-POWER Transfer Chain, described sometimes as “roof top” and “camelback”chain, are designed to carry heavily concentrated loads such as for example lumber, boxes, barrels, and crates. They are usually intended for procedure in troughs in several parallel strands.with only the tops of the links protruding.
All “H” Class Transfer Chain is available in Promal (Duramal). The tensile strengths of HZPT Transfer Chain range between 11,700 to 30,000 pounds.
Rivet pins furnished with “H” Class Transfer Chain are T-head pins which engage two head holders, cast on the side bars of each link, to avoid pin rotation and minimize wear and elongation of pitch.
“EVER-POWER” Transfer Chain is available in a pitch selection of 1.631 to 4.000 inches.
Every “EVER-POWER” Transfer Chain is produced according to manufacturer’s requirements and could be interchanged with chain of other manufacturers, where available.

Fluid couplings

Fluid couplings Features:
  Enhance the starting capacity for electric motor, protect electric motor against overloading, damp shock, load fluctuation and torsional vibration, and balance and load distribution in the event of multimotor drives.
  Belt conveyers, csraper conveyers, and conveyers of most types Bucket elevators, ball mills, hoisters, crushers, excavators, mixers, straighteners, cranes, etc.
  Without special requirements the following technical data sheet and power chart are accustomed to select the proper size of liquid coupling with oil moderate according to the power transmitted and the quickness of motor,e,we,the input of the liquid coupling.
  When buying,please specify the dimensions of the shaft ends of lmotor and driven machine(or reducer)which includes diamenter,tolerance or fit of the shafts(if no tolerance or match is specific,the bores will be machined th H7),fit fluid coupling length of the shafts,width and depth of the keys (of notice the standard No.enforced).For ordering the fluid couplings with belt pulley,brake puley or othe special requirements please state the technical data at length.
  YOXz fluid couplings is usually a coincidence machine with shifting wheel which is in the output stage of the coincidence machine and is usually linked with elastic axle connecting machine (plum blossom type elastic axle connecting machine or elastic pillar axle-connecting machine or even the axle-connecting machine designated by customers). Usually there are 3 connection types.
YOXz liquid couplings is internal wheel driver which has tight structure and the smallest axle size.The fittings of YOXz fluid couplings possess a broad usage, simple structure and how big is it has basically be unified in the trade.The connection style of YOXz fluid couplings is that the axle size of it is longer but it is unnecessary to go the electromotive machine and decelerating machine. Just demolish the poor pillar and connected spiral bolt can unload the coincidence machine so it is extreme convenient. Customer must offer the size of electromotive machine axle (d1 L1) and decelerating machine axle (d2 L2). The wheel size (Dz Lz C) in the table is merely for reference, the real size is decided by customers.
Attention:the smallest size Dp belt tray can perform.the largeat size the dl axle hole may do YOXp type fluid couplings is a connection style of belt tray with hydraulic coincidence machine. The electromotive machine (or decelerating machine) axle directly inserts in the axle hole of the coincidence machine which would work in products transported by belt.Consumer must provide you with the connection size of electromotive machine axle (d1 L1) and the detailed specification and size of belt tray.
YOXm liquid couplings is one that the axle of decelerating machine straight inserts in the axle hole of coincidence machine and the electromotive machine point ML(GB5272-85) connects with plum blossom type elastic axle connecting machine. It is reliable connected and has simple structure, the smallest axle size which really is a common connection enter current small coincidence machine.
  Customer must provide you with the size of electromotive machine axle (d1 L1) and decerating machine axle (d2 L2) as proven in the picture, others if client usually do not supply, we will manufacture based on the sizes in the table.
Attention:L in the table is the smallest axle size.If lengthen the L1,the full total length of L will be added.d1,d2are the biggest size that we can do.
YOXf liquid couplings is a sort linked both sides, the axle size which is longer. But it has simple structure and it is simpler and convenient for repairing and amending (unnecessary to go the electromotive machine and decelerating machine but only the elastic pillar and linking spiral bolt can unload the coincidence machine).
The relevant elastic axle connecting machine, linking size and outer size is actually the same with YOXe type liquid couplings.

Plastic Roller Chain Sprockets

HZPT Chain and Sprockets is a premier supplier of plastic-type material power transmission elements. We’ve plastic sprockets available in ANSI sized #25 – #80 and in a UHMW, Nylatron, or Nylon materials. Other materials such as Repro and Acetal can be utilized as well, and we are able to create the plastic-type metric, double pitch, duplex, engineer class, and customized designed sprockets. A few of the primary benefits of using a plastic-type material roller chain sprocket are that they run quieter and create a much better wear existence on the roller chain. These sprockets are also highly anti-corrosive, extremely light-weight, have high effect resistance, and so are FDA approved.

Stainless Steel Sprockets

We share a full type of 304-grade stainless steel sprockets both as A-Plate design and B-Hub design. We maintain these on the shelf as regular stock bores. However, we can supply sprockets with completed bores because of our fast-reaction in house industrial machine store. Typiclly our sprockets are produced out of 304 grade stainless, but 316 in addition to a few additional grades are avaible upon reques

Custom Stainless Steel Sprockets

We can also supply a wide variety of specialty and double strand stainless steel sprockets. Of the good examples below the sprocket on the still left is a double strand roller chain sprocket and the sprocket on the right is a specialized custom manufactured stainless steel sprocket that is utilized in a conveying software.

#25 STAINLESS Sprockets
#35 Stainless Steel Sprockets
#40 STAINLESS Sprockets
#50 STAINLESS Sprockets
#60 STAINLESS Sprockets
#80 Stainless steel Sprockets
#100 STAINLESS Sprockets
A-Plate STAINLESS Sprockets