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Winch Gears

Winch Gears Winch gears are used to convert the high speed, low force input of the handle into low speed, high torque output at the drum. These are quite highly developed and use tooth forms that are significantly different from those found in other gear applications such as car gearboxes and power transmission.

The loads on winch gears are actually high while the speeds they turn at are relatively very low. This results in thick strong teeth that resist high loads as well. The winch gears are not long lasting and have low efficiency. The winches turn few thousand times in their entire lives and they never go fast enough to get hot.

Winch gear is commonly used in boats and fleets. Before every operation winch gear should be lubricated. The ratchet should not be engaged when the winch gear is turning. They get worn out easily; overloading them and deforming the teeth causes majority of damage to the gears. For long term safety and security the damaged part should be replaced and full analysis of the cause of damage should be done.