CNC Linear Guideway Rectangle Sliding Table

CNC wire rail sliding table is reasonable in design,good rigidity, high precision, high speed reciprocating motion,reliable performance, beautiful appearance; the utility model has the advantages of simple structure and is convenient for maintenance. Configuration combined machine tools, general machine tool transformation and its automatic production line is an essential part of the foundation. Slide rail line high rigidity, small thermal deformation, high feed stability, good dynamic performance. Thus ensuring the actual accuracy of the processing state (load). NC line rail sliding table is to achieve efficient operation and NC easily. So it is ideal to achieve high precision flexible components. With boring and milling spindle or culling head can be completed, boring, milling, drilling, tapping, reaming, reaming, cars, and other processes.


Using precision line rail, cooperate with precision ball screw, servo drive, high speed milling and turning reciprocating fast.
High speed transmission more relaxed, easy to implement, dynamic/static precision, better stability.
Suitable for small numerical control CNC and automatic production line, fast cutting, many kinds of processing occasions.
Running smoothly, no impact, the guide is not easy to wear and tear, easy to maintain.