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Center-dive Gear Box
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AEP-1 Series Final-dive Gear Box
(Wheel-drive Gear Box)

Model Numbers:
=(50:1 ratio, standard)
=(52:1 ratio, replaces Valley drives)

AEP-1 Series Final-dive Gear Box (Wheel-drive Gear Box)

Performance :

1.Torque capacity: 69,000 lb.in (7800 N.m)
2.Ratio: 50:1, 52:1 (others available).
3.Universal mount bolt pattern, allows usage on virtually all pivots.
4.High strength steel worm, gear, and output shaft.
5.Shipped with oil.
6.Includes special external crop guard seals.
7.High strength cast iron box and end caps.
8.Includes serrated shank carriage bolts with wheel nuts.
9.Full cycle expansion chamber; bellows-type expansion diaphragm.
10.Tapered roller bearings.
11.Input shaft seals fitted with triple lip for maximum protection.
12.Worm and gear are either precision finished for higher efficiency rating.
13.Totally enclosed light weight easy to access top junction box.
14.Weight: 104 lbs (47.5 Kg).
15.Oil capacity: 1.0 gal (3.9L).

Gear motor installation and contour dimension(dimensions are in inch)

AEP-1 Series Final-dive Gear Box (Wheel-drive Gear Box)

More details:IRRIGATION

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