CNC made in China – replacement parts – in Jhansi India Tank Grinding Machine Vessel Gouge and Grinding Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

CNC  made in China - replacement parts -  in Jhansi India  Tank Grinding Machine   Vessel Gouge and Grinding Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

CNC  made in China - replacement parts -  in Jhansi India  Tank Grinding Machine   Vessel Gouge and Grinding Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Group the bigge EPT Chain and agricultural gearbox factory in China with 5 distinct branches. For far more information: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828

CNC tank gouge and grinding equipment
Circumferential and longitudinal seam Gouge and Grinding machine

  • Carbon metal , Stainless steel circumferential seam gouge, grinding and polishing.
  • Vessel interior stainless metal cladding welding layer grinding and polishing
  • Vesse EPT interior and external circumferential, longitudinal seam, weld reinforcement portion grinding and sprucing. Use ahead of vessel fitting-up.
  •  V bevel sort vessel.

Goal workpiece and technological necessity

  • Workpiece Diameter ranges——————————–φ550mm~φ5000mm
  • Minimum Diameter essential although with Du EPT elimination program————————-≥φ1400mm

    (Internal longitudinal welding reinforcement part grind necessary bare minimum Diameter ≥φ2400mm,If much less than φ2400mm, needs to recognize prior to producing)

  • Greatest workpiece/vessel thickness——————————–δ≤230 mm
  • Solitary segment of vessel maximum length—————————- L≤4500 mm
  • Workpiece materia EPT ————————————-SS. CS
  • width of welding seam————————————-≤90 mm
  • surface roughness ——————————-Ra12.5.

Machine working environment

  • Energy —————————————–A few period AC 380±10%,50HZ±2%
  • Temperature——————————————ten-55ºC
  • Maximum humidity ———————————-98%(35ºC)

Machine specialized instruction
The machine consists of CNC cross manipulator, multifunctional powerful grinding abrasive wheel and belt head, du EPT elimination technique, digital program and pneumatic handle program.
(PSF-5050 )Cross manipulator

  • It consists of base keep, amount adjustment unit, column, rotating device, electricity driving program, Mechanical locking system, cross slider/carriage, beam and related transferring technique. Rotating device amongst Foundation hold and column is driving by electric power.
  • Cross slider employ reducer and Ball screw drive to management up and down. Beam entrance and back again transferring is pushed by reducer motor and gear rack.
  • Column and beam manual rai EPT are the oversea imported heavy load straight guide. Beam both ends can be outfitted with multifunctional and potent abrasive wheel and belt,du EPT removing program whilst it is also regarded to go away EPT grinding & gouge head interfaces. 
  • There is elevate lugs beside column stop which is a mounted sort. Overhead head crane can raise with out steel wire.
  • Cross sliders are mounted with du EPT security unit.
  • Staircases are supplied on column for maintenance.
  • The deflection can be eliminated by grinding & gouge head continuous pressure relocation system.

Major technological Data

  • Least height of Grinding & gouge head to ground —————————————800mm
  • Optimum Height ———————————————5000 mm
  • Vertical moving highest speed————————————-one hundred~1200mm /min(frequency control)
  • Horizontal relocating distance ———————————————5000 mm
  • Optimum horizontal shifting velocity————————————-a hundred~1200mm /min(frequency management)
  • Beam rotating diploma allowed———————————————±90°
  • column rotating accessible permitted———————————————±180°
  • The beam deflection ———————————————2.5mm/m

Multifunctional and strong grinding wheel and belt head

  • It consists of still left/appropriate shifting gadget, grinding & gouge head vertical rotating link flange, grinding & gouge head horizontal rotation device, grinding & gouge head side swing stopping device, grinding & gouge head, grinding motor, welding seam abrasive wheel and grinding gadget, root pass potent abrasive belt grinding system (abrasive belt make contact with wheel,limited and aspect swing protecting against device ,), Pneumatic constant stress relocation mechanism, automated blade lifting device and du EPT elimination cover.
  • Grinding & gouge head appropriate/left horizontal relocating unit consi EPT of motor, specific reducer, lateral little slide guidebook rail. The operate of the appropriate/left horizontal shifting unit is to maintain the grinding centerline coincides with the system heart line right after 90 diploma rotating.
  • Grinding & gouge head vertical rotating relationship flange consi EPT of motor reduction unit. The operate is to facilitate the abrasive belt to parallel with welding seam area even though grinding the cladding welding seam.
  • Grinding rotation device is made up of rotation ring and supporter.  ±90 diploma can be adjusted as vessel inside, exterior longitudinal/ circumferential seam problems.
  • Grinding & gouge head facet swing lock protecting against device consi EPT of lateral sliding system and relevant limited lock gadget. The abrasive wheel can immediately adju EPT the course by means of sensor detection by following welding seam.  The purpose is to avoid abrasive wheel blocked and hazardous occurs even though the grinding route deflection takes place since the anti-floating roller without having using. Tight lock unit is to preserve the abrasive grinding observe no deflection.
  • The entire grinding & gouge head and grinding belt are making use of exact same beam and motor program, regular strain relocation and automated blade lifting system. The only distinction is that the abrasive belt has individual wheel restricted and aspect swing protecting against device and addresses.
  • The abrasive belt can fulfill vessel interior and exterior grinding.

Gouge purpose technological knowledge

  • Optimum gouge depth for weld ————————————170mm
  • Highest gouge depth for 1-move gouge————————————≤15mm
  • Transferring speed————————————–1000mm/min

                          (To avoid surface hurt, we sugge EPT to use modest gouge blade to shift fa EPT to take care of small parts gouge

  • Optimum gouge size of welding seam————————————100×15mm(×)
  • Highest allowance for one time gouge————————————≤100×5mm
  • Moving pace even though abrasive belt grinding——————————–350mm/min
  • Optimum allowance for gouge cladding welding layer———————————-≥0.5mm/time


  • Highest tilt angle of welding seam bevel gouge abrasive belt————————10°

Gouge area top quality

  • Welding go grind and gouge——————————————–≤Ra6.3μm
  • welding root grind and gouge ——————————————–≤Ra12.5μm
  • Cladding welding layer grind and gouge —————————————–≤Ra6.3~.4μm
  •  bevel grind and gouge ——————————————–≤Ra6.3μm

Multifunctional effective lateral grinding & gouge head

  • Vertical rotating angle of grinding & gouge head —————————————–~90°
  • Horizontal rotating angle of grinding & gouge head —————————————–±90°
  • Grinding & gouge head correct/still left shifting distance —————————————–±75mm
  • facet swing length —————————————–±50mm
  • Grinding & gouge head blade lifting stroke————————————-180mm
  • Link wheel dimensions——————————————–300×100mm
  • Abrasive belt dimension ———————————————one hundred ×2800mm
  • Abrasive belt pace———————————————30m/s
  • Abrasive wheel measurement ———————————————650×12(twelve ~ 22)mm
  • Maximum Abrasive wheel grinding and gouge speed————————————–65m/s
  • grinding and gouge energy———————————————18.5kW
  • Grinding & gouge head excess weight———————————————-650kg 

Du EPT remove program

  • Du EPT removal method is composed of industrial Soaked vacuum cleaner, du EPT eliminate hose, suction inlet and related pipes. The features are big rate of stream, potent unfavorable strain. Can be effectively used for taking away steel powder, metallic scrap, fibres, harmful squander, and specifically for the sparked metallic scraps. It is equipped with spraying system, and also can be utilised for eliminate Inflammable and explosive dust. It can be employed repeatedly. Extended support time and lower servicing cost. Hose between suction inlet and vacuum cleaner is produced of refractory stainless steel hose.

Technical Info

  • Power—————————————————-3.0KW
  • air movement——————————————————–4000m3/h
  • (Ptf)Pressure————————————————-2200pa
  • Inlet diameter————————————————–170mm
  • Outlet diameter————————————————–330mm
  • Precipitation tank quantity ————————————————.2 m3
  • Du EPT removing effectiveness—————————————————-85%

PLC management system
The grinding and gouge equipment utilizes Siemens PLC (S7-300) system. To make it straightforward to function the device, the transmitter cupboard manage primarily is dependent on hand-held procedure box control. Transmitter cabinet is found on the back again of device, every perform grinding & gouge head and accessories are with individual fa EPT interface. Pneumatic unit: air supply .4~.8mpa, it is with oil-water separator. Components are making use of SMC brand name. Grinding/gouge head coordinate handle is pushed by constant handbook variable frequency. The consistent force relocation system can get rid of the beam deflection during grinding and gouging, which means the abrasive wheel is always perpendicular to the axis of the vessel. Required Linear velocity of vessel roller is  0.1-3m/minute during grinding or gouging


The use of authentic equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) portion numbers or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference needs only and for indicating solution use and compatibility. Our organization and the detailed alternative parts contained herein are not sponsored, accredited, or manufactured by the OEM.

CNC  made in China - replacement parts -  in Jhansi India  Tank Grinding Machine   Vessel Gouge and Grinding Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

CNC  made in China - replacement parts -  in Jhansi India  Tank Grinding Machine   Vessel Gouge and Grinding Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

CNC  made in China - replacement parts -  in Jhansi India  Tank Grinding Machine   Vessel Gouge and Grinding Machine with ce certificate top quality low price