December 18, 2019

High power brushed DC gear motor
Nominal Voltage: 12V DC
Includes 26.9:1 PG45 Gearbox
Output: 90RPM, 99.11oz-in
Hall effect encoder included
The EP 12V 90 rpm 99.11oz-in 1:26.9 Brushed DC Gear Electric motor w/ Encoder is delivered fully assembled with a 26.9:1 reduction PG45 Gearbox connected to a powerful RS775 brushed DC motor. A hall effect sensor is mounted to the trunk shaft of the electric motor and functions as an encoder. Internal gears are all metal. 6-pin 0.1″ spaced connector is included for convenience.
reduction ratio: 4,14,19,27,51,71,100,139,189,264,369,516,720, working temperature:-40~+60°c, PWM rate control and FG transmission feedback. Provide overload current protection, High quality, reasonable cost and excellent after-sales provider, rotating speed is continuous and can be made as you required., Pls advise me your detail parameter(voltage, model NO, reduction ratio) of engine when you make the purchase., DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS, China Post,Ocean are available., Devliver time depends on the quantity you order. generally it takes 15-25 working days.
Ever-Power’s DC Planetary gearmotors are an inline option for low speed, high torque, and/or variable load requirements. These gear motors are created for intermittent duty operation because the planetary gearbox configuration supplies the highest performance and best output torque of most our swiftness reducers. DC motors combined with planetary equipment reducers are ideal for devices in the agricultural and construction industries. With 18 ratio options which range from 5:1 to 1000:1, we have a DC planetary gearmotor answer to fit your needs.
For a smaller footprint and quieter gearbox design, search for our I-series Planetary gearmotors. Frame sizes 52cm, 62cm, and 81cm, 12 planetary gear motor ratios which range from 5:1 to 308:1.
1/25 to 3/8 HP
12, 24, 90, 130, 180VDC, 115 FWR
.5 – 475 RPM
3.5 – 950 in-lb rated torque
Frame Size 60, 80, 108 mm
5:1 – 1000:1 standard ratios
Standard brush life of 2000+ hours (varies by application)
Brush DC Planetary Equipment Motors
Ever-Power supplies the EP type of small-body fractional horsepower planetary gear motors.
Series are available equipped with PMDC brush motors or brushless DC motors. Brush DC planetary equipment motors are featured right here. (brushless planetary equipment motors information is available here.) Models with output torque ranked to as high as 8.8 Nm (1250 oz-in) can be found.
Overall performance summaries for the brush DC planetary gear motors are summarized in the desk below. Click the table links for comprehensive specification information.
Planetary Gear Motor Solutions
Ever-Power’ Planetary Gear Motors are an inline answer providing high torque at low speeds. Our Planetary Gear Motors offer a high efficiency and provide excellent torque output when compared to other types of gear motors. They can manage a various load with minimal backlash and are best for intermittent duty procedure. With endless reduction ratio options, voltages, and sizes, Ever-Power has a fully tailored equipment motor answer for you.
A Planetary Gear Electric motor from Ever-Power features among our various types of DC motors coupled with among our uniquely designed epicyclic or planetary gearheads. A planetary gearhead includes an internal gear (sun equipment) that drives multiple external gears (planet gears) generating torque. Multiple contact points across the planetary gear train permits higher torque generation in comparison to one of our spur equipment motors. Subsequently, an EP planetary equipment motor has the ability to handle numerous load requirements; the more equipment stages (stacks), the higher the load distribution and torque transmission.
Planetary Gear Motors
Planetary Equipment Motors Planetary Equipment Motors – 16mm 42mm Planetary Equipment Motors – IG42GM 42mm Planetary Equipment Motors – IG42GM Planetary Gear Electric motor Cut Aside 43mm Planetary Equipment Motors – IG43GM
Features and Benefits
High Torque Capabilities
Sleek Inline Design
High Efficiency
Ability to Handle Large Reduction Ratios
High Power Density
Our Planetary Gear Motors deliver exceptional torque output and performance in a concise, low noise design. These characteristics furthermore to our value-added capabilities makes EP’s equipment motors a great choice for all movement control applications.