November 7, 2019

Ground Racks provide a single source for storing and transporting components such as for example conduit, tubes, sheet materials, panels, and bagged materials for production or landscaping. These versatile Floor Racks are equipped with two-method fork pockets, mounting feet, and your selection of removable A-frame or square restraints.

Our Floor Racks are made from heavy-duty formed steel to securely endure to 8,000 pounds. Mounting feet provide the substitute for bolt the rack to the floor for added protection. A powder coat complete adds a level of scratch resistance.

The removable restraints allow staff 360 examples of access and make it possible for two people to go materials together. This promotes ergonomics and prevents accidents to personnel trying to move overly heavy objects alone. Two-way fork pockets enable lift trucks to very easily reposition the rack.

Whether you’re working with bedding, panels, slabs, conduit, bagged components or blocks, a ground rack with removable steel restraints helps maintain materials secure yet accessible.

Our products have a trustworthiness of quality and durability that we strive to protect.
1. S terrain surface mounting rack are trusted for both crystalline and slim film module

2. Click-in Clamps Easy & quick installation