Electric Window Operator

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1. Overview

EP1 is beautiful appearance, tight structure, small transmission resistance, fewer noises and convenient installation, which is the most advanced window opener product in domestic market at present. It can be equipped with remote control, smoke control, temperature control, wind control, rain control and other sensing device to automatically control the opening and closing of the sash. It’s widely adopted for the opening and closing of top-hung skylight and horizontal medium-pivoted skylight of departure lounge, industrial factory building, civil building and it’s also adopted for other lighting windows with similar opening and closing ways.


1)To settle the rusty problem due to maintain difficulty in high altitude, aluminum magnesium alloy casting is used to replace iron casting as the main material for outer covering of speed reducer.
2)Mechanical and electrical integration is employed to eliminate messy wiring. It is inconvenient to install or maintain. Moreover, it creates trouble easily because it will oxidize after long-term exposure to bad weather.
3)EP1 is controlled by integrated circuit, which is furnished with additional wind, rain, temperature, smoke-control interface and fire coupling. The function of centralized or local control is also involved.
4)The setting block of driving tube and the stand of switching unit are furnished with rolling bearing to optimize the transmission structure to smooth friction drag and lower noise.
5)EP1 is controlled by light current.

3. Structural Principle

When window opener works, the host is driven by three-phase motor (model ADF7134). The output shaft of the host drives transmission tube through coupling band and then transmission tube drives the gear and rack on switch to realize the opening and closing of window.

4.Technology Parameter

1  voltage (V) 380
2 frequency (HZ) 50
3  power (KW) 0.75
4  rotation speed (r/min) 1400
5 switch speed (mm/min) 2000
6 wind load limit (N/m2) 550
7 Protection Degree IP65

5.Selection Of Window Opener

1)The relationship between the height of top-hung and horizontal center-pivoted skylights and length of rack and opening limit is shown in following table:

Basic window height(mm) Specification of rack (mm) Length of opening and closing limits (m) Limit angle of opening and closing
900 1000 60 60
1200 1300 48 60
1500 1600 36 50

2) The steel skylight (side window) with the height of 1800, 2400 and 3000 has two kinds of double-row opening way:

a. Window opener is set for each row of top-hung steel skylight. When the installation structure of window opener does not conform to the site situation, the installation problems shall be settled by manufacturer on site.

b. Only one set of window opener is set for the upper row of top-hung steel skylight and the lower row skylight opens with the upper row at the same time through linkage rod. Only a set of window opener is set for the lower row of horizontal center-pivoted steel skylight and the upper row skylight opens with the lower row at the same time through linkage rod, but the limit length of opening will be halved.