BKM series high efficiency hypoid gear box in stead of NMRV


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1 Code for gear unites series:BKM
2 Specification code of gear units 050、063、075、090、110
3 1.2:Means 2 stages
2.3:Means 3 stages
4 Speed ratio of reducer i
5 1.No mark means without output flange
2.FA、FB、FC、FD、FE(1/2):output Flange and position
6 1.No mark means hole output
2.SS(1/2):Single output shaft and position
3.DS:Double output shaft
7 Installation position code
8 1.71B5:IEC input flange code
2.MV7124:Compact motor type
3.71B5-0.37-4P:IEC input flange code and model motors
4.56C:NEMA input flange code 
5.ST80:Servo motor input flange code 
6.ST80-80ST-MO1330:Servo motor input flange code and servo motor type
7.80STM-MO1330:Compact servo motor type
8.HS:means shaft input 
9 1.No mark means without brake
10 Position of motor terminal box
default position 1 not to write out is ok
11 Coil position for motor ,default position X not to write out is ok
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