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Gear pump

CBV-F Gear Oil Pump usage

The CBV-F series oil pump have application in direct current (DC) 12-24V and the exchange (AC) single-phase 110v 220v, the three-phase 389V electrical machinery equipment, widely used in lifting machines, the work high above the ground vehicle, the load vehicle except the platform type, the gardening machinery, hydraulic system machinery.

+ CBN-E3 Gear Oil Pump + CB-E Series of bi-directional gear pump
+ CB-E4 Gear Oil Pump
+ CB-E bi-directional gear pump
+ CBF-E5 Gear Oil Pump + CBDs-F3 gear pump
+ CBF-F Gear Oil Pump + CBD-F Gear Pump
+ CBFE-F Gear Oil Pump + CBD-F3 gear pump
+ CB-FE Gear Oil Pump + CBD-F2-BB Gear Pump
+ CBG2A Gear Oil Pump + CBD1-F5 gear oil pump
+ CBG2 Gear Oil Pump + CBD1-F2-CC Gear Pump
+ CBN-F4 Gear Oil Pump + CBHTHL-E300 Series of constant current gear oil pump
+ CBV-F Gear Oil Pump + CBHT-G5CBTD Series Gear Pumps
+ CB-FC Gear Oil Pump
+ CBHT-G4 Series Gear Pumps
+ CB-5 Gear Oil Pump + CBHT-FC500 Series Gear Pumps
+ CBS-5 Gear Oil Pump
+ CBQ-F5Series Gear Pumps

+ CBHT-F4 Series Gear Pumps
+ CBTs-F3 gear pump
+ CBHT-F3 Series Gear Pumps
+ CBTs-F3 gear pump
+ CBHT-F00 Series gear oil pump
+ GPYCBTD Series Gear Pumps
+ CBHT-F00 Series gear oil pump
+ YBC Series gear oil pumps
+ CBHTD Series Gear Pumps
+ CBN Series of double gear pump
+ CBGTBCBTD Series Gear Pumps + CBK Series of double gear pump
+ CBGJ-2CBTD Series Gear Pumps + CBK-FCBTD Series Gear Pumps
+ CBG-3CBTD Series Gear Pumps + CBHTPCBTD Series Gear Pumps
+ CBG-2CBTD Series Gear Pumps + CBHT-Fz Series Gear Pumps
+ CBF Single-stage gear pump

+ CBHT-FCBTD Series Gear Pumps

+ CBHT-F6100CBTD Series Gear Pumps + CBTDSeries Gear Pumps
+ CBHT-F500 Series gear oil pump  


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