DWJC Greenhouse Reducers

Features of DWJC Series

Greenhouse Reducers adopts helical gear and worm gear transmission structure design with high precision. The worm and helical gears are smooth after grinding gear processing, low noise, high output torque and high transmission efficiency.

Using precision aluminum die-casting processing, beautiful appearance, light weight, good heat dissipation and other advantages.

The use of bottom mounting and side mounting makes it easy to install and reduces the labor intensity of the installer.

The product control adopts the spring plate limiting device design, convenient adjustment of the limit, and high positioning accuracy. The stop of the control motor can be arbitrarily adjusted between 1 and 75 rpm. And has a double cutout to ensure safe operation.

Applicable places: Agricultural greenhouse window opening mechanism, curtain opening mechanism, opening and closing power device of animal husbandry ventilation system, and various occasions where the speed ratio can be controlled and the motion range can be controlled.


Greenhouse Reducers for Applicable places
Greenhouse Reducers for Applicable places
Greenhouse Reducers for Applicable places
Greenhouse Reducers for Applicable places

Indication of Model numbers

 Greenhouse Reducers Indication of Model numbers

Selection Table of Model,Kw&Ratio

Greenhouse Reducers Selection Table of Model,Kw&Ratio
Greenhouse Reducers Selection Table of Model,Kw&Ratio  Greenhouse Reducers Selection Table of Model,Kw&Ratio
Greenhouse Reducers Selection Table of Model,Kw&Ratio

Product Dimension Drawing

Greenhouse Reducers Product Dimension Drawing

Reducer Efficiency & Torque Graph

Greenhouse Reducers Product Dimension Drawing

Type limit instructions

1. Tighten two hexagonal set screws on the outer ring of the nut. When the screw rotates, the nut moves on the screw. When moving to the end point, the nut will rotate together with the screw. The long screw on the nut toggles the spring to open the switch first. The FSQ1 (or ZSQ1) machine stops.

2. If the FSQ1 or ZSQ1 fails, the machine will continue to rotate. The long screws will continue to toggle the springs to open the FSQ2 (or ZSQ2) and stop the machine. FSQ2 and ZSQ2 play a dual insurance role.

3. Loosen the two hex set screws to adjust the relative position of the nut on the screw to control the stop position.

Greenhouse Reducers Type limit instructions

Application of the scene

FAQ And Solution

Common malfunctions

Reducer installation After, both positive and negative Unable to start

1. Check whether the power supply and control line are correctly installed according to the wiring diagram. Then restart it.

2. Check if the phase of the control line is correct. The method is: observe the knurled nut In the direction of movement, use tools to carefully press the lower switch of the front set of switches in the direction of movement of the nut. If it can stop, the phase is correct. If you can not stop, and press a group of lower switches behind the moving direction can make the machine stop, then the phase is reversed, and you need to exchange the phase and try again.

3, check the limit device to see if there is a set of switches up and down both switches In the depressed state, if it is, then loosen the knurled nut to reset the switch and restart it.

After the reducer reaches the end point, restart It can't work right or wrong.

1, this failure must occur to open the switch box cover, you can find a group Both the upper and lower switches of the switch have been pressed down, loosen the set screws, reset the switch, restart, and observe whether the switch is normal.

2. If there is a situation where the switch is depressed, the corresponding contact should be checked Whether the device is released in time, if it cannot be released in time, consider replacing the contactor.

3. When this type of failure occurs, avoid pressing the contactor and forcibly starting the machine. This will result in damage to the limit, which will inevitably damage the greenhouse structure or cause damage to the reducer gear during operation.

heat protector turn on

The thermal protector starts, indicating that the motor has been overloaded. It is necessary to check whether each drive structure is faulty. It is not possible to blindly increase the protection current to avoid damaging the motor.

Limit failure

1.Re-adjust the limit.

2.Reconnect, adjust limit

3. Inspection and maintenance, replacement

Excessive noise

1.Add lube oil

2.Retighten the screws